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About us

AK Public Affairs was established in early 2022 in Brussels to provide strategic level support to organisations that want to effectively shape the EU tech policy agenda. Over the past decade, its two co-founders worked in the EU institutions and two leading public affairs consultancies in Brussels. They have been trusted by many leading tech companies to help them identify risks and opportunities and develop bespoke public affairs strategies for all the key EU tech policy debates in Brussels. Recently they have also advised a number of companies in other vertical sectors that are all affected by tech policy.

Understanding how Brussels operates, including its recent efforts led by Executive Vice President Vestager and Commissioner Breton to make Europe fit for the digital age, and effectively engaging with relevant EU policy makers is key to the success of any organisation. Besides the fact that EU legislation is implemented in the 27 member states of the EU with a population of around 450 million, the EU is increasingly viewed as a global regulatory standard setter. We know EU tech policy and we understand how Brussels works, so we can help you assess how to enhance your Brussels presence and reputation by focusing on the key tech policy debates that may cause a significant impact to your organisation.



When organisations engage in policymaking it is crucial for them to have a good understanding of the policy landscape to decide on their strategic objectives and the appropriate tactics. Building on decades of experience and with deep knowledge of the policymaking process, we act as a sounding board to our clients, helping them to develop tailored strategies on how to move the policy needle in Brussels.


Policy discussions and regulatory changes create both risks and opportunities for organisations. Through our extensive informal networks across the different EU institutions, we ensure that our clients always have access to the latest intelligence, whilst also providing analysis and recommendations tailored to their needs.


An essential part of participating in the policymaking process is for organisations to engage with policymakers, either directly or with partners. Having been policymakers ourselves, we know how policymakers think and operate and what drives their agenda, and can therefore advise clients with whom to engage and when and how to best engage.


Sometimes policy engagement, in particular on singular issues, is best served with bringing together multiple organisations. We have solid experience in helping organisations find partners, setting up and managing complex coalitions and campaigns, as well as managing industry associations.

Our clients

Over the past decade, we have guided leading tech companies in sectors including telecoms, Internet infrastructure, cloud, cybersecurity, social networking, blockchain, and consumer electronics. We have crafted and implemented public affairs strategies to enhance their positioning and reputation in Brussels and key EU capitals.

Our goal was to establish our clients as pivotal voices in major EU technology policy discussions, such as GDPR, ePrivacy, the NIS Directive, Cybersecurity Act, Copyright Directive, European Electronic Communications Code, and the Free Flow of Data Regulation, as well as newer legislations like the Digital Services Act, the Digital Markets Act, the Data Act, and the AI Act. Additionally, we have supported companies in other sectors impacted by EU tech policy, including tourism, transport, healthcare, and financial services.


Andreas Constantinides

Co-Founder & Managing Partner

Andreas, a Cypriot national, has extensive experience advising clients on a broad range of ICT issues including telecommunications, privacy, cyber security and intellectual property. As a senior leader in the public affairs space, he creates public affairs strategies for technology usage and risk, as well as helping clients execute campaigns geared toward their policy and business goals.

Prior to founding AK Public Affairs, Andreas worked for two different public affairs consultancies in Brussels, in one of which he was heading the European Technology Practice. Previously Andreas served with the Cyprus Permanent Representation to the EU, where he was the single market and industrial policy attaché. Prior to this, he chaired the telecommunications and information society, space, and postal services working parties during the Cyprus Presidency of the Council of the EU in 2012. Andreas has a doctorate in electrical engineering from Columbia University in New York.

Kevin Vindevogel

Co-Founder & Partner

Kevin, a Belgian national, has vast experience in advising global technology clients on EU and member states’ public policy on cloud computing, privacy, security and emerging technologies. He has a deep understanding of both European and Belgian politics. Over the years he also launched and managed several trade associations, including on consumer electronics and blockchain technology.

Prior to founding AK Public Affairs, Kevin worked for two other public affairs consultancies in Brussels. He also has political experience and networks, working in the offices of Belgian Foreign Minister Karel De Gucht and Dutch Member of European Parliament Marietje Schaake. Kevin has degrees in international affairs, public management, and China business development from the Free University of Brussels (VUB).


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